Ernest Scott ’16

Lakehurst, NJ
MBA Healthcare Administration
Date of Graduation: 10/14/2018
Newport News Education Office

Helping Students Keep Their Promises

Ernest Scott made a promise to his parents that he would graduate from college. In his first attempt, he had struggled financially and was unable to finish school due to certain misfortunes. However, Ernest knew he still had a promise to fulfill. Years later, while in the U.S. Navy, he discovered the Newport News Education Office, a Saint Leo University teaching location near Fort Eustis and the Langley military bases in Virginia.

“From day one, Saint Leo has been shining a beacon of light on my potential and has instilled a can-do attitude in me. Now all things are possible, and I cannot thank Saint Leo enough for changing my perspective on life,” Ernest said.

Ernest discovered no matter where Saint Leo students are in the world, they can experience the same quality curriculum and academic rigor. What makes the Saint Leo experience even more unique is the flexible convenience of taking classes online, at night, or over the weekend — whether students live close by or are deployed overseas.

Ernest expressed his gratitude to the Petters family, who funded an endowed scholarship that allows students like him to achieve their goals.

“Your support goes deeper than just helping me out. Education is inspirational in its own right, and with your endorsement I am able to motivate friends, family, servicemembers, and many others constituents who intersect through my highway of life. I want to show the Petters family how influential their support is not only in my life, but also in the lives of those in my community.”

In May 2016, Ernest enjoyed his most rewarding college experience, walking across the stage after receiving his bachelor’s degree in sociology. There to witness this monumental moment were Ernest’s parents, seeing the fulfillment of the promise he made to them years before. He was so inspired by the experience that he is now actively pursuing his MBA in health care management. With the continued support of our loyal and generous alumni, students like Ernest and so many more will be able to accomplish goals that will resonate among their families and friends for years to come.


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