Student Gratitude

Each year more than 250 students receive privately funded scholarships at Saint Leo. Many of these students have interesting stories to tell and are eager to thank the donors who support them. Meet some of our recent scholarships recipients!

Lauren Boos ’20

Political Science
University Campus
Gaston R. and Evelyn De Groote Scholarship


Lauren Boos’ unique life experience has set her on a path to serve the international community. This mission has been made more attainable through the support of scholarships, privately funded by passionate alumni and friends.

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Delaney Murphy ’18

Harwich, MA
International Tourism and Hospitality Management
Date of Graduation: 4/28/2018
University Campus


Delaney Murphy ’18 always knew she would attend college, but she knew it would be a challenge. Her mother told her she would go and they would figure out the money later. Thanks to the generosity of planned gifts such as the Ann Cleary Scholarship, Delaney was able to achieve her dream and will graduate April 28.

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Stefania Aguirre ’18

Shafter, CA
Elementary Education



Recipient of the Wachovia Foundation Scholarship

“When I came across Saint Leo University, I was immediately intrigued by the beautiful campus, kind staff and the outstanding resources available to students. The Saint Leo University staff is amazing in assisting students; they were very kind in answering any questions I had and were always very attentive towards me. I was also very happy to see Saint Leo offered a lot of student activities I saw myself being part of, such as Rotoract, Circle K International, and SERVE. Most importantly, Saint Leo offered a specialization in my major. I wanted to major in education but I wanted to focus especially in elementary education. To top it all off Saint Leo is a Catholic school. I am Catholic, so I looked at this as an opportunity to learn more about my religion and find myself spiritually. One of my biggest accomplishments is I am the first in my family to attend college. I am extremely proud of myself because I have become a role model for my family. I hope I can inspire not only my family but other people to work hard and accomplish their own dreams.”



  James Campbell ’19

James Campbell ’19

Corona, CA
Computer Science



Recipient of the Dr. Michael Moorman and Dr. Elaine Moorman Endowed Scholarship

“Having worked with the National Security Agency while serving in the U.S. Navy, I have recognized a growing need for information assurance professionals. Saint Leo University’s computer science program is reaching to create cybersecurity professionals in line with standards set forth by businesses, the NSA, and the White House. Over the past ten years, I have been an international touring musician, enlisted in the U.S. Navy, deployed with Special Operations Forces to Afghanistan and other overseas locations, and became proficient in Chinese Mandarin. What I am most proud of, however, is being a father to my two sons, Dylan and Elliott. In their eyes, regardless of what I am doing or what status comes along with it, I am their hero. My children hold me accountable to uphold my integrity and continue to be a good example for them. Thank you on behalf of my family and myself for your support and the opportunity to further my education. The scholarship you are providing is a testament to the positive impact that selfless individuals continue to have on the community. Your kindness holds true to the values that I wish to uphold and pass on to my two sons.”

  Shannika Laurey ’16

Shannika Laurey ’16

Portsmouth, Virginia
Human Resource Management



Recipient of the Rothrauff Family Endowed Scholarship

“My Saint Leo is a source of pride. I have worked harder than anyone knows, but I beam with pride when I look at how far I have come. More than anything, My Saint Leo is enrichment. I could not have come as far as I have and learned the things I have needed to learn as a person without guidance and support from all corners of my life. I am proud that Saint Leo has helped me grow. I am proud that I am continuing to soar academically all while being a single mom and working a full-time job. So if anything I am proud of my perseverance to never give up! I want to tell the Rothrauff family thank you for believing in me and for helping me pursue my dream to continue my education. Your support means everything to me and I will forever be grateful.”

  Darren VanCuren ’16

Darren VanCuren ’16

Dade City, FL
Middle School Education



Recipient of the Aloysius Bolak Memorial Scholarship, Genevieve A. Horgan Scholarship, and C. P. McCabe Memorial Scholarship

“I have lived in Dade City my entire life, and this great college is just 5 miles from my house. I love the small class sizes and the diversity of the student enrollment is stunning. In my first class at Saint Leo, I met people from Poland, France, England and Saudi Arabia. There are not many Europeans or Middle Easterners in Dade City, FL. Before Saint Leo, I had never met anyone from France, Germany, Poland, the Middle East, or Croatia. It is amazing to hear about their views on the world and their ideas that seem so normal to them. I even see it with the many students from New York and New Jersey. I never realized how different my opinion, beliefs and ideals are from someone who grew up in New York. I read about different cultures, but seeing them in a person brings a whole new perspective and light on my view of the world.”