Creating a Sunrise at Sunset

Every year Saint Leo University is able to invest in hundreds of bright futures thanks to the thoughtful planning of donors who include the university in their wills. These bequests appear on the horizon as “sunrises” that serve as beautiful expressions of a new day for Saint Leo University.

For example, consider the donor who made arrangements in her will to create an endowment fund from the estate she left behind. As soon as the funding reached Saint Leo University, an endowment was established in memory of this forward-thinking woman

An endowment fund is a special fund that provides a “payout” every year to support the purposes of the endowment. The corpus of the endowment is kept intact, and only the interest, or a portion thereof, is available for use.

Endowment funds may be created during a person’s life, or at death through a will bequest. Some donors combine the two, creating one now and then adding to it with a bequest.

Endowments are indeed like sunlight to Saint Leo University. They provide the warm and comforting knowledge that financial resources will be available for generations to come. This provides light for planners who peer into the future, knowing that they can count on this particular source of financial support.

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