Alumni Story


May 2016

Jerred Truman ’15

Alumni Association Board member Ramone Pierce ’11, ’13 recently had an opportunity to catch up with Jerred Truman ’15—father, serviceman, and Saint Leo alumnus.

Jerred TrumanQ. Where were you born and raised?

A. I was born in Philadelphia, PA, and grew up in Pottstown, PA.

Q. Are you married and do you have any children?

A. Yes, I am married and have four children.

Q. Where did you study and what degree program did you complete at Saint Leo?

A. I studied at the Chesapeake Center in Virginia, earning a bachelor’s in business administration with a minor in management. Saint Leo was a great place to go to school and offered me the opportunity to network with other adults who are pursuing higher levels of education. It also allowed me to be able to work a full-time job, as well as be there for different events with my children.

Q. What is your current profession?

A. I have been proudly serving in the U.S. Navy for the last 16 years, and I am currently a prior service recruiter, giving individuals a chance to once again serve in the Navy. I am based in Norfolk, VA.

Q. Have you received any awards or recognition in your career?

A. I have been named Recruiter of the Quarter twice in 2016 and was Recruiter of the Month three times in the 2016 fiscal year. I was also a spring 2016 initiate of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated.

Q. What goals and aspirations have you set for yourself?

A. To be a Recruiter of the Year and ensure that my office is Station of the Year, as well as continue to further my educational career.

Q. What advice do you have for current students and alumni?

A. Do not let anyone tell you that you cannot do anything you set your mind to doing, and seek achievement in all that you do. 

Q. What is your individual philosophy (favorite quote, words to live by)?

A. Failure is often one step from success, so keep going.


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