Make Sure Your Will Keeps Pace with Your Life

Your will reflects the time when it was created. Many people have good intentions to update their wills but often fail to do so. You can change your will at a later date by adding a codicil (an amendment) to reflect any life changes.

Here are some circumstances that make it critical to update your will:

  • You want to name a different personal representative, trustee, or guardian.
  • Your estate has increased or decreased significantly.
  • You have moved to another state.
  • Your situation or a beneficiary’s situation has changed because of marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, or death.
  • Tax laws have changed.
  • You want to include a charitable gift in your will. If you wish to remember Saint Leo University, consider leaving us a percentage of your estate so your gift will remain proportional to your estate size, no matter how it fluctuates over the years.

If you have additional questions about updating your will or are considering adding a gift to Saint Leo University, please contact Stephen Kubasek, our director of Planned Giving, at or (352) 588-8355 for more information.

How to Update Your Will

Step 1: Obtain a copy of your current will.

Step 2: Mark the necessary changes.

Step 3: Meet with your estate planning attorney.

Step 4: Discuss changes with us if they will affect Saint Leo University.


Is Saint Leo University a part of your estate? Contact Stephen Kubasek, associate vice president, Advancement, at (352) 588-8355 or if you would like to include a gift to Saint Leo University in your estate plan.

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